7 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

Custom Work From Home Essentials for Your Staff

How to Keep Your Work From Home Office Clean and Organized?

Transitioning from the office to the home environment can be frustrating or rewarding but being organized and practicing healthy tips inside and outside of the work place is important.  While working from home you can use these seven health products to keep your personal work space clean.The first step in keeping your office clean and organized is to get rid of bacteria. Dust that collects on many of our computer screens and monitors and germs that typically collect on our keyboards is important to tackle first. Getting rid of dirt is one of the first ways to keep a healthy work environment. Have your staff thoroughly clean their desks and personal office, organizing and get rid of old paperwork, equipment, and supplies. Discard trash and anything that creates clutter and a messy work environment. Not only does this keep you from unnecessary germs it also promotes a clear mind promoting positive mental health. Other tips include encouraging staff to bring their own utensils and dishware. This helps the environment by reusing cups and bowels but it ensures germs aren't spread to other coworkers through shared utensils. If you need additional supplies, show our latest collection of work from home essentials.

Top 7 Promotional Health Supplies to Keep In The Office 

1. Custom Logo Screen Cleaners

Tech hygiene is important in creating a safe and healthy work environment. Screen cleaners are the perfect custom logo product to make sure your technology stays safe and prevents spreading germs. The ESP orbit screen cleaner makes this gadget portable giving you the option to clip-it to your key ring. It comes packed with cool functions like the cover spins to reveal the hidden microfibre cloth. If you're into dual products try the Bullet screen cleaner that comes with a privacy blocker for your webcam lens. The blocker ensures hackers are unable to spy on you while working from home or in the office.

2. Personalized Reusable Straws

Gift your staff their very own personalized reusable straws. They make great gifts and can be a great way to eliminate the spread of germs in the office. ESP has a fun eco-conscious straw that comes with a carrying case that looks perfect with your company logo. Get fun and creative with Debco's exosphere silicone straw that comes with silicone travel case.

Custom Printed Reusable & Eco friendly StrawsCustom Logo Portable & Reusable Straws

3. Custom Embroidered Personal Towels

If you work in the healthcare industry having personal towels for your staff and patients is necessary in running a safe and healthy business. Port Authority has some of the best custom towels for hospitals designed highly absorbent, versatile and made from cotton terry velour. If you need a portable towel, Port Authority towel comes with a corner grommet and hook. These quality towels stand up in the wash time and time again and will look great with your company logo.

Personalized Logo Towels & Health SuppliesPromotional Logo Health Supplies in Canada

Add these personalized travel towels to your health care kit.

4. Custom Printed Baggies & Pouches

So you've got your tissues, hand sanitizer, and face spray but you  have nothing to put this in. Well, the RuMe Baggie can hold all your health supplies just in case you need to take it on the go the next time you work from home. These pouches feature three zippered pockets, a sleek exterior, and are made with durable materials. Throw these baggies in the washer to keep them clean from germs in a moment's notice. Need more room for your tech accessories? The Parkland large pouch comes in a cylindrical shape that's perfect for health supplies and throwing your necessary electronics, like your phone. It's also made from recycled water bottles so it's healthy and safe for the environment too.

Personalized RuMe Baggies with Your Company LogoPromotional Logo Parkland Large Pouch

5. Custom Logo Tissue Packets

Gift everyone on your team their own personal and portable mini tissue packets. These fun-sized packets are excellent for hygiene at work and are great promotional items to market your health business. Primeline's tissue packets are re-sealable pouches that feature a great selection of fun and bright colours. Keep the office clean and safe with Primeline's cub tissue boxes that look great around the office with your logo on them.

Custom Logo Primeline Mini Tissue PacketsPrimeline Promotional Logo Tissue Box for Hospitals & Nursing Homes in Canada

6. Promotional Logo Facial Spray in Canada

Facial mists aren't a necessary health product but the benefits are tremendous. From improved skin hydration and absorption of moisture, face spray can make you feel refreshed and lighter than before. Primeline's portable small facial mist works great on the go and that means your logo goes everywhere too.

Custom Logo Primeline Facial Spray in Toronto

7. Custom Logo Clear Health Supplies Kits

Having portable health care products for your employees is important in many health industries because of traveling purposes. Bullet's carry-on kit gives your staff the ability to store all their toiletries inside of any carry-on bag with ease. This pouch was designed long-lasting, allowing up to four liquids with you during air travel. Add your company logo to these health toiletry pouches.

Promotional Logo Health Care Pouches for Health Industries

Searching for more health care supplies? Shop our latest in custom health products and apparel.


Why it's so important to keep a clean office environment?

A clean office is important to the health of your business and your staff. No one wants to work in a dirty office so keeping the necessary health supplies around is crucial. Washing your hands and keeping a healthy lifestyle isn't just important during cold and flu season, It's important year-round. Make sure your employees are aware of healthy habits and tips so that they can put them into practice while working from home too. Screen cleaners, Reusable straws, and large travel pouches can aid your staff in maintaining a healthy work and lifestyle. These seven health products are only some of the promotional items your staff can use to keep their environment safe and clean.