Personalized Portable Chargers & Power Banks

Running out of battery power while on the go is a very real struggle. After all, not having your cell phone makes it impossible to communicate, navigate, and stay connected. To ensure your team or audience is always on the grid, supplying them with items from the Portable Chargers & Power Banks Collection is essential. Plus, adding your company or team’s custom logo or design to one of these tech accessories lets everyone know your brand is on the pulse of current trends. Highly portable, these chargers are easy to toss is a backpack, briefcase, or handbag before heading out the door. Perfect for giveaways, swag bags, or gifts, these items let everyone know that your brand is always there when people need it most. 




Anker Black Astro E1 5200mAh Power Bank

As low as $50.07 CAD

ESP Red Ace Power Bank Charger

As low as $22.55 CAD

ESP Blue Ace Power Bank Charger

As low as $22.55 CAD

Debco White 4Corners Power Bank

As low as $31.19 CAD